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We have developed a range of unique clinical kinesiology testing kits and other clinical aids to support health professionals in discerning which products may best serve their patients.

Pure Health Solutions Test Kits

We provide a range of Kinesiology Testing Kits for Clinical Use.
Each kit consists of a collection of vials which contain simulated copies of the original substance for
testing purposes only. The vials are made using the process of Homeopathic Potentisation and
contain no active ingredients except 10% ethanol and 90% purified water.
For example the Master Nutrition Kit contains simulated copies of Amino acids, Minerals, Vitamins,
fatty acids and Saccharides.

The Process of Homeopathic Potentisation.

All Pure Health Solutions Kinesiology Test Kits are made using a Homeopathic Simulator which
utilises the vibrational properties of energy medicine. The system contains an electric current to
simulate the frequency of the substance so that its specific vibrational signature can be simulated and
imprinted into another carrier substance. It is very accurate and prevents error when copying a large
number of substances. The technique is known as Radionics.

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