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  • Clinical Aids

    We have a range of clinical aids for use in your practice. These include a series of laminated charts that show different  biochemical pathways in the body to allow you to more accurately discern the best intervention and product for your patient. We also stock a set of Colour Acetates.

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  • Ionic Minerals

    Ionic minerals are metallic ions that have completely dissociated from their naturally occurring compounds, just as should occur after ingestion by the reaction of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. All metallic mineral ions are absorbed through the gastro intestinal wall by diffusion or through special channels called ionophores. Thus, a mineral in ionic form,makes an optimal substrate for effective mineral absorption.

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  • Kinesiology Test Kits

    Pure Health Solutions produce a number of homeopathic test kits which are for use with kinesiology techniques. For more information on how to use the kits check out our Seminars page for upcoming education in your area or please click here to contact us.

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  • Liquid Vitamins

    Activated vitamins are in a form that is readily available to be utilised by the body as a substrate in biochemical reactions immediately following ingestion. This means that they do not have to be broken down and manufactured by the body into a usable form as is the case with the inactive vitamins. This is beneficial if there is a problem with the process of digestion or if some enzymatic functions are lacking in some way. Activated vitamins are important co-factors in many body processes and they are also great for kids or older patients.

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  • Other Products

    We have a range of other products including: Dropper Bottles for dispensing liquid vitamins and minerals. Personalised labels printed with your clinic details to add to the dropper bottles when dispensing. Miscellaneous products such as fossil shell flour and mannose powder. The Nutrition Code book by Dr. Suzanne Labrie, an invaluable resource for your clinic, which can be purchased as single copies or in bulk to onsell at your clinic.  

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  • Pure Health Solutions Online Seminars

    Pure Health Solutions Seminars now available for download or viewing online. These are videos of past seminars conducted live by Dr. Suzanne Labrie and other respected educators. Topics include:

    • Hormones and Methylation Pathways
    • Gluten Sensitivity
    • Toxicity
    • The Nutrition Code
    • From Exhausted to Athlete

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  • NET Remedies®

    Pure Health Solutions is proud to be the official sponsor of NET Seminars and distributors of NET Remedies homeopathic sprays in Australia and New Zealand. To learn more about NET Seminars and Remedies, pleast visit our site at:

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  • Pure Health Solutions Seminars

    Professional Seminars delivered in-person on a range of topics and in different locations.

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