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Test Kit Fat

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Product Description

What’s in the box:

Insulin Angiotensin FTO Gene Omega-6 ATP
Leptin Omentitn Purines Transfats HFCS
Cortisol Obestatin Xanthine Oxidase Triglycerides Serotonin
IL-6 Osteocalcin Uric Acid Oxidised LDL Dopamine
TNF-alpha HGH Fructose Cholesterol (LDL) Oestrogen
Resistin Irisin Fructokinase Cholesterol (HDL) Testoterone
NPY Adiponectin AMPD Candida / Fungus T3
Plasminogen Act Fact Visceral Fat AMPK Lead Reverse T3
Ghrelin White Fat Fructose-1-phosphate PCBs/Organochlorines Lipase
Somatostatin Brown Fat AMP CRP LPS
Diabetes Support Formula Ginger Green Coffee Bean KHK Iron
Alpha-lipoic Acid Turmenic Inulin Zinc Oregano Oil
Green Tea (EGCG) Quercetin Colon Support Vitamin C NAC
Garlic Luteolin Acetyl-L-Carnitine Omega-3/ Krill Liver Support
Cinnamon + Piperine Marine Pine Bark B Complex Sacha Inchi 5-HTP
Broccoli Vitamin D3/K2 Broccoli Coconut Oil L-Theanine
Vitamin A Sacha Inchi Whey Protein Flax Oil SAMe
Beet Powder Omega-3 / Krill Ursolic Acid CLA Thyroid Support
Apple Cider Vinegar DHA Capsicum Sunflower Lecithin Enzymase
Vitamin E (Tocotrienols) Magnesium Green Tea (EGCG) Palmitoleic Acid Activated Charcoal

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Weight 0.6 kg

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