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Test Kit Starter

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Product Description

What’s inside:

Starter Kit  Aus/NZ
Black Box Energy Extra Nutrients RNR Neurotransmitters SNIPS
Chemicals 6x Glucose NADH (B3) Acetyl Choline dAMP
Toxic Metals   6x Proinsulin  6x Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (B6) Aspartate dCMP
Radiation Insulin 6x Folic Dopamine dGMP
Virus Proglucagon Methyl H4 Folate GABA dTMP
Post Virus Glucagon Biotin Glutamate dUMP
Bacteria Camp Methylcobalamin Glycine
Parasite Pyruvate Magnesium Histamine Dura
Fungus ATP Manganese Noradrenaline Myelin
Fungal Toxin ADP Molybdenum Serotonin Cortisol 6x
Ethane Acetyl Co A Zinc Baker-Miller Pink Melatonin
Gut Food/Allergies Metals Nutrient Profile
Acetaldehyde Allergy Aluminium Normatomic Modulator Amino Acids
D Lactic Acid Gluten Arsenic GlutamateDecarboxylase 6x Minerals
L Lactic Acid Casein Lead TH1 Vitamins
D/L Lactic Acid Lactose Mercury TH2 Vitamin D
Ammonia Egg Nickel TH17 Coenzymes
Phenol Soy Kiefer Ostitis D4 CYTOMEGALO Probiotics
Indole Soya bean oil Kiefer Ostitis D5 E.B.V Fatty Acids  (Unsat)
Hydrochloric Acid α Solanine Kiefer Ostitis D6 NFKappa B Fatty Acids (Sat)
D-Arabinitol Amines Kiefer Ostitis D12 Homocysteine Saccharides
Acetic Acid Salicylates Peridontitis Uric Acid Selenium

Updated June 2014

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Weight 0.6 kg

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