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Online Seminar – Toxicity

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Product Description

Toxicity Seminar 

The issue for most people these days is not so much whether they are toxic or not, but rather how toxic are they? 

This workshop will go through the common key toxins that affect nearly all of us, such as heavy metals, chemicals, radiation, fungal toxins and microbial infections. We will discuss the many nutritional options that are available and how to find the most accurate solution for your patient. In addition we will go over the function of some major detoxification pathways in the body particularly the liver, and ways to test if there are any blockages to these pathways

The kits that we will focus on will be the Key Toxins (formerly Black Box), Detox and Toxicity Kits

Presented by Dr Suzanne Labrie

Suzanne Labrie BSc (Hons) Biochem/Pharmacol/Anat, MSc (Chiro), Cert.A.K., N.E.T, Director of Pure Health Solutions.

A respected Chiropractor with more than 16 years’ experience in using Applied Kinesiology (AK) and nutritional biochemistry in a clinical setting. She has held workshops of functional Biochemistry throughout Australia.


Cost: $90.00 plus shipping

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