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Online Seminar – Hormones and Methylation Pathways

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Product Description

Presented by Dr. Suzy Labrie and Dr. Andrew Powell covering the challenge of the “Methylation Defect” patient.

Did you know that methylation defects may be a factor in as many as 45% of your clients ?

Dr. Suzy Labrie shares her extensive clinical knowledge of the methylation process, genetic testing for potential defects and clinical protocols for testing the methylation function and effective treatment options which include dietary changes and the proper supplementation

There are live demos showing the various protocols for testing a patient for issues in the methlyation process and for genetic predispositions

Dr. Andrew Powell shows you how to smoothly integrate your new knowledge into your current practice in a way that is profitable, ethical and highly effective.

This download includes:

  • 3 hour seminar video
  • Supporting documents and Powerpoint presentation


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