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NET Remedies® #9 ER 911®

Support for physical and emotional trauma

The #9 ER 911® formula is the most in-demand remedy of all the NET Remedies® formulas. It is recommended as a support during emotional, mental and physical trauma, as well as for patients who have just had an accident, are going to have (or have just had) surgery, going to the dentist, are constantly weeping, overworked or overstressed. This formula is also great for the stress of “good” situations like weddings, promotions, public speaking, family-gatherings, a new baby in the family, moving and changes of any kind. Additionally, NET Remedies® #9 ER 911® can offer relief for the symptoms of: anxiety, colds, dry mouth, emotional imbalance, impatience, insect bites (apply topically to the skin, as well as take orally), irritability, overexertion, oversensitivity, restlessness, sighing, sobbing, trembling of the body, voracious appetite and general stress from physical and emotional situations.

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