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Sneezing and stuffy noses are only occasional symptoms of allergies and sensitivities

The #8 Sensitivities formula is used for any kind of sensitivity or reaction to any kind of food, environmental agent or substance. The effects of environmental pollution, chemical additives and pesticides are known to compromise our immune system. An inefficient immune system can manifest as sensitivities and allergy-type symptoms, as well as physical problems almost anywhere in the body! Physical indicators for this remedy are associated with all chronic problems that fail to resolve, concentration problems, over sensitivity, mood changes, headaches, depression, fatigue, learning problems, mental confusion and nervousness. Additionally, NET Remedies® #8 Sensitivities can offer relief for the symptoms of: anxiety, bloating, chemical hypersensitivity, colds, dizziness, food intolerances, gas, intense generalized itching, itchy or burning eyes, migraine headaches, sensitivity to summer heat, skin rashes, sore or sensitive skin, stuffy nose and sniffles.

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