NET Remedies #6 PARA SOLVE

Gas, bloating or stomach upset

The #6 Para Solve formula corresponds with gastro-intestinal symptoms of all kinds. Direct physical indicators can be associated with conditions of: gas, bloating, stomach upset, abdominal discomfort, as well as dark circles under the eyes, bad breath, variable appetite, cough, localized itching, postnasal drip, canker sores, irritability, back pain and restless sleep. Additionally, NET Remedies® #6 Para Solve can offer relief for the symptoms of: alcohol intolerance, aversion to fat-type foods, bloating, carbohydrate cravings, food intolerances, chemical hypersensitivity, depression, fatigue, gas, headache with cold hands and feet, irritability, itching nose, loss of libido, memory impairment, parasite-type conditions, premenstrual syndrome, pressure in lower right abdominal area and stomach upset.

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