NET Remedies #5 FIRE

Menstrual or hormonal problems

The #5 Fire formula corresponds with small intestine, heart, thyroid, adrenals, sex organs and pituitary-related conditions, as well as the family of emotions related to being vulnerable and muddled thinking. Other physical indicators for this remedy are associated with the complexion, tongue, sweat gland and anything associated with hormonal problems. Additionally, NET Remedies® #5 Fire can offer relief for the symptoms of: alcohol craving, appetite decreased, asthma, blood vessel problems, burning in palms of hands and soles of feet, circulation and heart irregularities, edema, eyes burning, bloodshot or swollen eyes, face flushing, headache from sun, hormonal problems, hot flashes, restless sleep, menstrual problems, stress in general, sweating problems, swollen gums and uterus and/or ovary pain.

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