NET Remedies #4 WOOD

Digestive disturbances from overeating or drinking

The #4 Wood formula corresponds with gall bladder and liver-related conditions, as well as the family of emotions related to resentment and anger. Other physical indicators for this remedy are associated with the eyes, tears, vision, nails and generalized muscle problems, as well as shoulder, knee and digestive problems. Additionally, NET Remedies® #4 Wood can offer relief for the symptoms of: aggressive and angry behavior, alcohol abuse, bitter taste in mouth, colic, depression, digestive disturbance, distended abdomen, dry skin, eczema, eye problems, fatigue, facial pain, twitching muscles, finger nail problems, gallstone, grinding of teeth, headaches and migraines, jaundiced skin, jaw problems, menses late or profuse, nausea on sight or smell of food, overeating, sensitivity to light, skin rash, sweaty hands and vaginal soreness or burning.

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