Scars and physical injuries of all kinds

The #10 Scars-Adhesions formula is used for any kind of bone/joint problem, adhesions, itching of scars, distress of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, feelings of pressure and tightness in internal organs, especially the esophagus and stomach areas. Additionally, NET Remedies® #10 Scars-Adhesions can offer relief for the symptoms of: abscesses, acne, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation of joints (chronic), insect stings, internal adhesions, joint-type pains, liver spots on skin, localized itching, low back pain, neck pain, pain in fascia, tendons and ligaments, scars of an emotional nature and ulcers. Note: #10 Scars-Adhesions can be applied topically to the skin, as well a taken orally.

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