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Test Kit Minerals

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Product Description

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Boric acid Iron (11) citrate Manganese picolinate Silica Vitamin A
Boron picolinate Iron picolinate Molybdenum chloride Silver hydroxide Thiamine
Calcium carbonate Iron phosphate Molybdenum (iron molybdate) Sodium chloride Riboflavin
Calcium chloride Iron sulfate Molybdenum picolinate Sodium phospate Nicotinoic acid
Calcium citrate Magnesium acetate Platinum chloride Sodium sulphate Niacinamide
Calcium citrate malate M,agnesium ascorbate Potassium ascorbate Sulfur Panthothenic acid
Calcium floride Magnesium bromide Potassium bicarbonate MSM Pyridoxine
Calcium lactate Magnesium carbonate Potassium bromide PAPs Folic acid
Calcium malate Magnesium chloride Potassium carbonate Glucosamine sulfate Cyanocobalamin
Calcium phosphate Magnesium cit/ malate Potassium chloride Vanadium sulfate Hydroxicobalamin
Calcium sulphate Magnesium citrate Potassium chloride Zinc arginate Biotin
Chronium chloride Magnesium hydroxide Potassium citrate Zinc acorbate Vitamin C
Ultra chrome Magnesium iodide Potassium iodide Zinc carbonate Vitamin D3
Copper chloride Magnesium malate Potassium phophate Zinc chloride Vitamin E
Copper citrate Magnesium oxide Potassium sulphate Zinc citrate Vitamin K2
Copper glycinate Magnesium peroxide Selenium cysteine Zinc orotate RNA/DNA
Copper oxide Magnesium sulfate Selenium methioneine Zinc oxide DNA
Copper picolibnate Magnesium phospate Selenium picolinate Zinc picolinate RNA
Gold chloride Manganese chloride Selenium sodium Zinc sulphate O2
Iron (11) chloride Manganese citrate Copper hydroxide Triple zinc cit/pic/sul CO2

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Weight 0.6 kg

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