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Test Kit Methylation

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Product Description

What’s in the box:

Cystathionine Lysine Collagen Type 3 Cytosine
Cysteine Hydroxylysine Collagen Type 4 Guanine
Cysteine Sulfinate Proline Collagen Type 5 Thymine
Glutathione Hydroxyproline Elastin Uracil
Homocysteine Phenylalanine Arginine ApoE4
Hypotaurine Tyrosine Citrulline Mg-ADP
Methionine T1 Monoiodoyrosine Nitric Oxide Amino Acids
NAC T2 Diiodotyrosine Ornithine Mineral Compounds
SAH T3 Triiodotyrosine Urea Coenzymes
SAMe T4 Thyroxine B Complex Vitamins
Taurine Dopamine Femalemax Probiotics
Ammonia L. dopa Femalemax 40+ Fatty Acids (saturated)
Hydrogen Sulfide Noradrenaline Homocysteine Formula Fatty Acids (unsaturated)
Antenatal CoQ10 Men’s Multiple 40+ Saccharides
Dihydrofolic Acid Tryptophan Nutrient 1 & 2 Capsules
Folic Acid 5-hydroxy-tryptophan Nutrimax
H2 Biopterin Serotonin OsteoAid
H4 Biopterin Melatonin Preconception Formula
H4 Folate Collagen Type 1 Vitamin D3
Methyltetrahydrofolate Collagen Type 2 Adenine

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