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Methylation Seminar – Christchurch

Methylation Seminar in Christchurch presented by Dr. Suzanne Labrie

Thursday 16th May 2018

2pm to 5.30pm

Centred Health

64 Halswell Rd, Halswell

Christchurch, NZ, 8025

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Product Description

Methylation made Easy

Would you like to support the almost 40% of patients who are said to have a defect in this critical biochemical pathway?

And, have you ever wondered, what exactly is this methylation pathway that people in the healthcare industry are talking about?

Or perhaps you do know what it is, but are confused by all the seemingly complicated information around it?

This situation often relates to all those problem patients who return every week with yet another variation on their symptoms, and it could even include you and your symptoms!

So why is it important anyway?

Methylation is important because it is involved in nearly every major reaction in the body including:

cardiovascular, neurology, immunity, hormones, liver detox, DNA protection and maintenance, growth, fertility and gastrointestinal. (e.g. everything!)

The problem is that in almost 40% of the population there are defects in these pathways that can cause long term problems that create depletion and illnesses.

The intention for this seminar is to make it so clear and simple for you, that you can start using it immediately with ease.

All of the material is sourced from the latest research so that you have access to up to date information, however  the practical steps are drilled down to a very few simple actions to keep it efficient and complete for you and your patients.

You will learn

* the 4 major arms of methylation pathways in the cell

* major areas where defects occur

* the one or two key metabolites to test to give you clear indications of action

* how to increase the supply of nutrients to the patient to counteract defects

* what pesticides are incredibly toxic to the whole process

* when to refer to other specialists

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