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Test Kit Memory

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Product Description


Inside the box:

Magnesium Oxidised Deoxyguanosine Adenosylcobalamin Glycine  
Huperzine A Acetyl Carnitine Methylcobalamin Vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate)  
Dopamine Alpha Lipoic + Acetyl carnitine Folic Acid Pantethene  
Acetylcholine Magnesium citrate Folinic Acid Viamin B1 thiamine  
Serotonin Magnesium ascorbate NADH Thiamine pyrophosphate  
GABA Vinpocetin Vitamin B6 Thiame triphosphate  
Glycine Ginko bilboa P5P Manganese citrate  
Taurine Phosphatidylcholine Magnesium chloride    
Histamine Phosphatidylserine Zinc citrate    
Noradrenalin Memory Recall formula Zinc picolinate    
Oxygen Omega 3 Zinc sulfate Amino Acids  
Mg-ATP Omega 3 + 6 Zinc chloride ionic Mineral componds  
Toxic metals DHA Triple zinc Viatmins  
Chemicals Phospholipid complex NADPH Vitamin D  
Radiation Krill oil Choline Co-enzymes  
Glucose Peanut oil Phenylalanine Probiotics  
Homocysteine Magnesium peroxide Tyrosine Fatty acids saturated  
Malonaldehyde Iron Threonine Fatty acids unsaturated  
Amyloid-b-protein Cyanocobalamin Serine Saccharides  
Ethane Hydroxycobalamin Glutamic acid    

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