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Ionic Boron 500ml

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Boron has been shown to improve calcium, phosphorus and magnesium uptake in bone synthesis and reduce the loss of these minerals through the urine. Boron can also act as a cofactor in converting testosterone to estradiol thus lowering serum testosterone.
Boron helps to decrease peak insulin secretion through the pancreas, promotes energy utilisation, is involved in parathyroid hormone function and is involved in Vitamin D activation.†
† “The Nutrient Bible”. Henry Osiecki, 5th Edition, Bioconcepts Publishing 2002



Born is an essential trace mineral. Its source in food is dependent on the levels of Boron in the soil but can be found in fruits and vegetables where it is required for cell wall integrity.

Boron is involved in the conversion of vitamin D.

Boron also stabilizes and extends the half life of Vitamin  D and oestrogen. –Source

As oestrogen drops at menopause there is an Increase in certain inflammatory chemicals (a cytokine called interleukin 6 )which stimulates osteoclast production. Boron is required for oestrogen to convert to 17- beta oestrodiol which is more potent than oestrogen, so prolonging the beneficial effects of oestrogen .One study where postmenopausal women were supplemented with 3mg daily Boron, significantly decreased urinary excretory calcium and increased levels of 17-beta-estrodiol.

Boron is also involved in converting Vitamin D to bone building Calcitriol.

Boron also has an interactive rolewith Calcium and magnesium and Vitamin D.

Although there is no RDA for Boron, there are no toxicity reports and 1mg  daily intake from food is generally recommended.

Product Concentration 0.10 mg/ml


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