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Test Kit Integrative Neuroimmunology

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Product Description

Integrative Neuroimmunology

Gluten Rice Lectins LA ADP
Glyphosate Sesame Cadaverine EPA ATP
Carmen GF Casein Agmantine DHA Glucose
Eggs Lactose Albumin AA Pyruvute
Bon Soy Alpha Lactose Putresine LNA Acetyl COA
Zein Galactose Salicylates GLA Citrate 6x
Coffee Beta Lactose Nightshades DPA Isocitrate 6x
Whey Conc Rice Basmati Tyramine Erucic Oxaloacetate 6x
Quinoa Methylxanthines ALA Oleic NADH
Sweet Potato CYP27B1 PBG Palmitoleic FADH 6x
25 Hydroxy Vitamin D CYP24A1 Coproporphyrin III Apricot Kernel a-Ketogluyarate
1,25 Vitamin D Anit Microbial Peptide Uroporphyrin II Canola Succinyl CoA 6x
TH1 Chlorogenic Acid Protoporphyrin IX Pumpkin Succinate 6x
TH2 P Kinase A Cytochrome C Sunflower Fumurate 6x
TH3 Prostaglandin 1 Haemoglobin Fish Oil Malate 6x
TH17 Prostaglandin 2 Cyto P5450 6x Linseed Palmitoyl CoA
TH22 Prostaglandin 3 HPL EPO Arachidic Acid
Trans Fat Insulin 6x Macadamia Nut Stearic Acid
Glucagon 6x Rapeseed Behenic Acid
RNA Palmitic Acid


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