Test Kit Herbal Solutions


This kit is based on the commonly used liquid Herbal Solutions from MediHerb and Nutrition Care brands, which are produced and supplied in Australia.

American Ginseng DBW Passion Flower Wormwood Anti Candida Herbs
Andrographis Echinacea Pau D’Arco Yellow Dock DBW + Silver
Astragalus Elder Flower Poke Root EBV Herbs
Balm (Melissa/Lemon) Gentian Pomegranate Immune Herbs
Barberry Ginger Red Clover Kidney Cleanse Herbs
Bilberry Gingko Rehmannia Liver Herbs
Black walnut Globe Artichoke Rhodiola Metal Herbs
Blue Flag Golden Seal Rosemary Parasite Herbs
Blood Root Gravel Root Saffron Radiation Herbs
Boneset Gymnema Sarsaparilla
Bucha Houttuyna Schisandra
Bupleurum Hydrrangea Siberian Ginseng
Burdock Isatis Skullcap
Cats Claw Jamaican Dogwood St Mary’s Thistle
Chaste Tree Japanese Knotwood Sweet Wormwood

(Qing Hao)

Corn Silk Liquorice Thyme
Clove Marshmallow Tribulus
Cumerone (Turmeric) Nettle Leaf Uva Ursi
Damiana Olive Leaf Withania
Dandelion Parsley Root White Peony


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