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Test Kit Gut

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alpha Amylase Deoxyribonuclease ACETALDEHYDE B. Breve
Pepsinogen Elastase AMMONIA B. Coagulans (Sporogenes)
Hydrochioric acid Phospholipase A2 PHENOL B. Subtilis
Pepsin Trehalase ACETIC ACID B. Bifidus
Intrinsic factor ETHANOL B. Infantalis
Carbonic anhydrase D LACTIC ACID B. Longus
Rennin D/L LACTIC ACID Entercoccus Faecium
Bile Salts L LACTIC ACID L. Helveticus
Glycochenodeoxycholic acid TOLUENE L. Acidophilus
Glycocholic acid L. Brevis
Taurochenodeoxycholic acid a Solamine L. Bulgaricus
Taurocholic acid Hydrogen sulfide L. Caseii
Lipase Methyl mercaptan L. Lactis
Chymotrypsin Putrescine L. Plantarum
Trypsin Histamine L.Rhamnosus
Amylase Methyl indole L. Salivarius
alpha Glucosidase Indole S. Thermophilus
Ribonuclease A Agmatine Combocillus (Lacto Complete 15D)
Nucleoside phosphorylase Cadaverine
Aminopeptidase Tyramine


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