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Test Kit Gut

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Product Description

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alpha Amylase Deoxyribonuclease ACETALDEHYDE B. Breve
Pepsinogen Elastase AMMONIA B. Coagulans (Sporogenes)
Hydrochloric acid Phospholipase A2 PHENOL B. Subtilis
Pepsin Trehalase ACETIC ACID B.Bifidus
Intrinsic factor ETHANOL B.Infantalis
Carbonic anhydrase D LACTIC ACID B.Longus
Rennin D / L LACTIC ACID Entercoccus Faecium
Bile Salts L LACTIC ACID L. Helveticus
Glycochenodeoxycholic acid TOLUENE L.Acidophilus
Glycocholic acid L.Brevis
Taurochenodeoxycholic acid a Solamine L.Bulgaricus
Taurocholic acid Hydrogen sulfide L.Caseii
Lipase Methyl mercaptan L.Lactis
Chymotrypsin Putrescine L.Plantarum
Trypsin Histamine L.Rhamnosus
Amylase Methyl indole L.Salivarius
alpha Glucosidase Indole S.Thermophilus
Ribonuclease A Agmatine Combocillus (Lacto Complete 15D)
Nucleoside phosphorylase Cadaverine
Aminopeptidase Tyramine

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Weight 0.65 kg

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