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Test Kit Fungal Toxin & Pesticide

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Product Description

What’s in the box:

3 Acetyldeoxynivalenol 6x Cytochalasin B 6x Monilformin 6x Sterigmatocystin 6x Zearalenone 6x
Acetyl T-2 Toxin 6x Deoxynivalenol 6x 3 Nitroproprionic Acid 6x Trichothecenes 6x
Aflatoxin b1 6x Diacetoxy-Scirpenol 6x Ochratoxin 6x T2 Toxin 6x
Aflatoxin b2 6x Ergot 6x


Patulin 6x Iso T-2 Toxin 6x
Aflatoxin g1 6x Fumonisin B1 6x


Penecillic Acid 6x HT-2 Toxin 6x
Aflatoxin g2 6x Fumonisin b2 6x


Penetrem a 6x T-2 Tetraol 6x
Aflatoxin M1 6x Gliotoxin 6x


Radicinin 6x T-2 Triol 6x
Citreovirdin 6x Griseofulvin 6x


Roridin a 6x Verrucarin a 6x
Citrinin 6x Helvolic Acid 6x


Rubratoxin b 6x Verrucarol 6x
Cyclopiazonic Acid 6x Kojic Acid 6x


Secalonic Acid 6x Zearalenol 6x


Additional Information

Weight 0.65 kg

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