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Test Kit Doterra

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Product Description

Inside the box:

 Affirm  Console  Hope  Peppermint    Zendocrine
 Anchor  Copaiba  Ice Blue  Petitgrain
 Arborvitae  Coriander  InTune  Purify Cleanse
 AromaTouch Cypress Juniper Berry  Roman Chamomile
 Ascend  DDR Prime Supplement  Lavender  Rosemary
 Balance  DigestZen  Lavender Peace  Salubelle
 Basil  Douglas Fir  Lemon  Sandalwood
 Bergamot  Easy Air  Lemongrass  Siberian Fir
 Black Pepper  Elevation  Lime  Smart Sassy
 Blue Tansy  Eucalyptus  Litsea  Spearmint
 Cassia  Fennel (Sweet)  Manuka  Spikenard
 Cardamom  Forgive  Marjoram  Tangerine
 Cedarwood  Fractionated Coconut Oil  Motivate  TerraArmour
 Cheer  Frankincense  Myrrh  Tea Tree
 Cilantro  Geranium  On Guard  Thyme
 Cinnamon Bark  Ginger  Oregano  Vetiver
 Citrus Bliss  Grapefruit  Passion  Whisper
 Clary Calm  Hawaiian Sandalwood  PastTense  Wild Orange
 Clary Sage  HD Clear  Patchouli  Wintergreen
 Clove  Helichrysum  Peace  Ylang Ylang

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Weight 0.65 kg

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