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Test Kit Pain Diagnostic Box 1

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Product Description

Inside the box:

Acetylcholine 6x

Adrenal Medulla 6x

Phosphoenol – Pyruvate 6x

Malonic Acid 6x

IgM 6x

Aspartate 6x Liver 6x Pyruvate 6x TMPD 6x Allergy 6x
Cysteine Sulphinate 6x Ovaries 6x Acetyl CoAa 6x Glycogen Histamine 6x
Cysteine 6x Pancreas 6x Citrate 6x Uridine Diphosphate Glucose 6x Kinin 6x
Dopamine 6x Parathyroid 6x Cis-Aconitrate 6x Glucose-1-Phosphate 6x Serotonin 6x
Gaba 6x Pineal 6x Isocitrate 6x Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate 6x Prostaglandins 6x
Glutamate 6x Pituitary 6x A-Ketoglutarate 6x NADDH 6x Leukotrienes 6x
Glycine 6x Prostate 6x Succinyl Coa 6x Transketolase 6x NF Kappa B 6x
Histamine 6x Spleen 6x Succinate 6x Palmitic Acid Bacteria 6x
Homocysteine 6x Testes 6x Fumarate 6x Stearic Acid Virus 6x
Noradrenalin 6x Thymus 6x Malate 6x Arachidonicic Acid Post Virus 6x
Serotonin 6x Thyroid 6x Oxaloacetate 6x Behenic Acid Fungus 6x
Taurine 6x Uterus 6x NADH Tripalmitin 6x Protozoa 6x
Msg 6x ATP 6x FADH2 6x Palmitoyl Coa Cestode 6x
Aspartame 6x ADP 6x Dinitrophenol 6x Palmitoyl Carnitine 6x Trematode 6x
Cybermethrin 6x Fructose – 1 – Phosphate 6x Azide 6x C-Reactive Protein 6x Nematode 6x
L Dopa 6x Glucose DCCD 6x Serum Amyloid Protein 6x Sporozoa 6x
5 – Hydroxy Tryptophan 6x Glucose – 6 – Phosphate 6x Rotenone 6x IgA 6x Chemicals Hydrocarbons 30x
Tyramine 6x Fructose – 6 – Phosphate 6x Oligomycin 6x IgE 6x Toxic Metals 30x
Adrenal Cortex 6x Dihydroxyacetone Phosphate 6x Carbonylcyanide 6x IgG 6x Radiation 30x


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Weight 0.6 kg

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