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Test Kit Brain

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Product Description

What’s it the box:

Abducens Nerve 6x Dura 6x Occipital lobe (Visual) 6x Substantia Nigra 6x DTaP
Accessory Nerve 6x Facial Nerve 6x Occulomotor

Nerve 6x

Superior peduncle 6x HepB
Ansa Lenticularis 6x Fourth ventrical 6x Olfactory Nerve 6x Supra optic nucleus 6x HepA
Basal ganglia 6x Glossopharangeal

Nerve 6x

Olivary nucleus 6x Tegmentum 6x Hib
Caudate nucleus 6x Hind brain 6x Optic Nerve left 6x Temporal lobe 6x HPV
Cerebellum 6x Hypoglossal Nerve 6x Optic Nerve right 6x Thalamus 6x IPV
Cerebellum left 6x Hypothalamus 6x Paraventricular

nucleus 6x

Thalamus left 6x Meningeococal
Cerebellum right 6x Inferior peduncle 6x Parietal Lobe  Left 6x Thalamus right 6x P.Polysacharide
Cerebral peduncles 6x Internal Capsule 6x Parietal Lobe Right 6x Third ventricle 6x P.Polysacharide
Cerebral spinal fluid 6x Lateral ventricles 6x Pars mamillaris 6x Trigeminal Nerve 6x RV

Frontalis 6x

Lentiform nucleus 6x Pars optica 6x Trochlear Nerve 6x Varicella

Occipitalis 6x


Oblongata 6x

Pars tuberalis 6x Tuba Eustachi 6x APO E4

Totalis 6x

Medulla Osis 6x Pia mater 6x Vagus Nerve 6x Influenza V
Corpus callosum 6x Medulla Spinalis 6x Pituitary 6x Vaso motor centre 6x MMR V
Corpus Pineal 6x Meninges 6x Pons 6x Vestibular Nerve 6x
Corpus striatum 6x Mid Brain 6x Red nucleus 6x
Corpus Vitreum 6x Middle peduncle 6x Respiratory centre 6x
Cortex 6x Musculi Oculi 6x Retina 6x
Dentate nucleus 6x Nerveux central 6x Sleep centre 6x
Diencephalon 6x Nucleus Pallidus 6x Speech (Broca’ s Area) 6x

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Weight 0.65 kg

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