Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)

Light Therapy: Is it the Medicine of the Future?

Our very existence on earth depends on light and energy. Recent advances in technology have allowed us to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of using concentrated light waves to heal. The practice of using a non-thermal light therapy laser is a non-invasive method to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and pain, as well as enhancing healing and tissue repair.

Photobiomodulation (previously called Low-level light therapy (LLLT) involves cellular absorption of visible red spectrum and near infra-red light energy. The reason for using the red end of the spectrum is that red, especially infra-red penetrates the most deeply. The effect on the cell can be to enhance ATP production through the mitochondria, relieve oxidative stress, induce cell proliferation and stem cell differentiation, assisting in growth and rejuvenation.

Cellular energy and therefore healing depends on photons of light causing the activation of receptors called chromophores, which are proteins in the cell membrane. This is particularly important for mitochondria, which is the primary site of light absorption in mammalian cells. Light induces a physiological response in disease and damaged tissues to promote regeneration and restore cellular function.

Some of the diseases and conditions that have been helped by using photobiomodulation include neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, traumatic brain injury, mucositis after chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety and skin conditions.




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