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Pure Health Solutions is an Australian owned company that is committed to providing high quality products for use by health professionals and we pride ourselves on importing and stocking the most pure and clean products possible in Australia. 

Pure Health Solutions Products are a “Practitioner Only” Range of Starting Materials for Dispensing in a Clinical Setting.  We supply a range of products as starting materials that are prescribed, prepared and dispensed by practitioners to their patients based on clinical examination and findings.

The practitioner starting materials are specially prepared for the sensitive patient and contain only the active ingredients in solution, without any fillers, binders, colourings, flavourings, which may trigger allergies or sensitivities. This purity, combined with the ionic or activated form of the product is designed to maximise bioavailability.

We have developed a range of unique clinical kinesiology testing kits and other clinical aids to support health professionals in discerning which products may best serve their patients.

We also provide ongoing professional educational programs and protocol training for practitioners interested in using the clinical kits and products to their best potential.

We look forward to serving you.

Our Story

In 2005, Dr. Suzanne Labrie, a practicing Chiropractor with a background in Biochemistry and a keen interest in nutrition as part of an integrated and complete treatment for her patients discovered  the company Metabolics UK and their range of pure products.

They contain only the vitamin or mineral in purified water with no binders, fillers, excipients, flowing agents or anything that may cause reactions. As a result, they are really safe for children, people with sensitivities and actually great for anyone!

From humble beginnings packing and delivering products from Suzy’s loungeroom, Pure Health Solutions became the sole distributors in Australia for the Metabolics range of products from the UK and has grown into an established business with a small team supplying practitioners all over Australia and New Zealand.

Over the years we have continued to evolve and expand and we now deliver seminars, research and prepare kinesiology test kits, as well as keep an eye out for the best possible products to support our clients.

We are still committed to purity and health and strive to give only the best. 

Our Founder and Director

Suzanne Labrie – Director of Pure Health Chiropractic and Pure Health Solutions.

Dr. Suzanne Labrie BSc (Hons) Biochem/Pharmacol/Anat, MSc (Chiro), is the Director of Pure Health Chiropractic Clinic and Pure Health Solutions in Australia. She is a highly respected Chiropractor with more than 22 years experience. She uses Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) on a daily basis with all her patients, along with Applied  Kinesiology and other standard chiropractic treatments in her clinical practice.

She is passionate about NET and truly believes that it is key to overcoming our modern day health care challenges and that it has transformed her life for the better.

Suzanne’s other interests are in teaching and providing pure nutrition, and with the Pure Health Solutions branch of her company she has specialised in running seminars in nutrition for other health care practitioners across Australia and New Zealand since 2010.

She is a published author of The Nutrition Code, a Number 1 Amazon best seller,  which is an indispensable guide to mapping out nutritional imbalances and supporting the body to heal through effective supplementation.

With a scientific background in Biochemistry, Pharmacology and a passion for optimum health and holistic healing, Dr. Labrie aims at combining the best of both worlds.

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