We are very excited to announce the release of our new test kit which showcases these amazing pure essential oils.

I personally love using them both with my patients and for myself.

There isn’t a day where I’m not grabbing some Frankincense (overall wellness, healthy cellular function, rejuvenates skin) to rub on my temples, or Vetiver (thrives in extreme conditions) for grounding.

doTerra Oils have a strong effect on emotional balance and can complement any treatment where the patient needs emotional support.

They are great for assisting in healing anything!! For example, the oil blend, Aroma Touch is recommended for circulation and helps my clients who have aching legs.

Our new doTerra kit is a quick and easy way to work out the best fit for the patient’s needs.

If you are already a doTerra user you will love this kit!!!

If you are yet to discover doTerra, please call Natalie on (02) 97988991 and find out how to get a hold of them for yourself and your clinic.

There are also tonnes of videos, other support material and resources available to make it easy for you to work with them.

All the best