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Why Practitioners Only

Pure Health Solutions Products are a Practitioner Only Range of Starting Materials for Dispensing in
a Clinical Setting.  We supply a range of products as starting materials that are prescribed, prepared
and dispensed by practitioners to their patients based on clinical examination and findings.

As a practitioner we know that you are looking for the best possible options for your patient’s health.

Our products are popular with practitioners and consistently get good results as they are:

High Quality: The absence of stearates, binders, fillers and excipients make our products pure and
simple and avoid the possibility of adverse reactions to other ingredients that are often added to supplements.

Bioactivated Vitamins and Ionic Minerals:  In this form it is easier to target the correct nutrient
required for a patient and they are also more bioavailable and effective.
Liquid vitamins and minerals: In liquid form they are effective and easy to swallow for your patients, especially children.
Being liquid also allows you to mix certain vitamins and minerals to dispense a tailored remedy for your patients.

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We have a wide range of pure liquid vitamins and minerals, kinesiology test kits, clinical aids and online seminars.

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Pure Health Solutions products is a Practitioner Only Range. For the general public please search our directory to find a practitioner near you that stocks our products.

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